[Marxism] A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

Jeff Goodwin jgoodwin.nyu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 12:44:10 MST 2013

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> I have not read any of Hedges' books, but the two pieces I have read by
> him were impressive.  I appreciate the range of reading and knowledge that
> went into this piece.  I'd be interested in the views of people on this
> list re Hedges.
>                                         ken h

I have read some very smart essays by Hedges, but his book "Death of the
Liberal Class" (the only book of his I've read) was a huge disappointment.
He's "anti-corporate," but from a moralistic as opposed to materialist
standpoint. Not surprising, I guess, since I believe he is the son of a
minister and studied at Harvard Theological Seminary. He then went into
journalism, wrote some pretty awful stuff for the New York Times, where he
worked for a long time, but seems to have been radicalized, after a
fashion, by covering U.S. wars around the world, including Central America.
He really ought to learn some basic political economy. Surprisingly, the
book was also very poorly written and edited. His essays, generally, are
better. IMHO.

Jeff G.

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