[Marxism] 3D printing and communism. Any opinions from tech-savvy comrades?

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> open source code the message is that "anyone" can check out the code and
> then adapt it to their personal needs. But in practice not just anyone has
> the skills to do that (or will have, unless programming is taught in
> schools like writing or math), so in the end even though open/free code is
> good, it's up to the programmers, i.e. specialists, to realize the social
> advantages (plus a handful of hobbyists can use it for their own thing).
> Most people will just keep using what useful stuff other people have
> made/designed (which is good of course, even though it's somewhat less than
> the "anyone can" style hype suggests).

With all due respect. I think you are missing what is truly revolutionary
about open sources because you are trying to stuff it into the framework
you already understand and dismiss it as hype.

Sure the "anyone" is qualified by a minimum level of intelligence and
willingness to learn. Beyond that, their are no real barriers.

True enough, if you don't know the language, you can't read the text
yourself without learning it. This is not an open source problem. But the
open source community involves more than coders. We need testers, those who
comment on UI, documentation writers, artists, debuggers and packages.
There are thousands of projects and tens of thousands of tasks and levels
to participate. That's where all this stuff came from. Since it is done
across the Internet and in a multi-national environment, truly anyone can
participate and begin to learn more, not from schools but from this
community, which also self-organizes educational at every level.

You also miss the very different property relationship open source
presents. The IOS that runs the Iphone is the private property of Apple.
Android is open source, not owned by anyone and anyone can use it.

In this age of privatization, the complete Linux/Andriod/Open Source body
of software that been created represents a net value greater that Microsoft
that has been created as public property.

More, later

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