[Marxism] Interesting comment on Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 24 14:40:27 MST 2013

This appeared beneath Pham Binh's "How “A Plague on Both Your Houses” 
Aids Counter-Revolution in Syria" 

Raed Baroud January 24, 2013 at 2:19 pm

     Truly, thank you for speaking out. I will pass this on to family 
and friends in and outside Syria to help convince them that not everyone 
on the Western left has betrayed them. My family are Syrian-Palestinian 
and my disgust at those pseudo-radical media figures and activists who 
claim to care about Palestinian freedom and to be outraged by Israeli 
genocide while supporting repression and genocide in Syria – because 
(they claim) it’s ‘anti-imperialist’ – is hard to even put into words.

     Syria will not forget or forgive the monstrous betrayal by Western 
”humanitarians” and ”human rights groups.” In reality these 
pseudo-radicals don’t care about Syrians, Palestinians or anyone else, 
and know and care nothing about the Middle East – they care only about 
posturing and appearing ‘anti-imperialist’ whether or not this involves 
them supporting totalitarianism and genocide. Thankfully in the age of 
the internet their support for genocide and totalitarianism will be 
difficult for them to deny when their willful blindness is finally 
exposed. I suspect they have lived in a bubble of wealth and privilege 
all their lives and this is why they support the privileged minority in 
Syria who benefited from Assad’s rule at the expense of the brutally 
oppressed majority. Whatever their reasons, they aren’t good enough.

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