[Marxism] Herzog in Siberia

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Counterpunch Weekend Edition January 25-27, 2013

Last of the Auteurs
Herzog in Siberia

Back in 1954 François Truffaut coined the term auteur (the French word 
for author) to describe how certain directors shape their films 
according to a unique creative vision. According to auteur theory, 
directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, Alfred Hitchcock, Howard 
Hawks, and Jean Renoir put their stamp on each and every film they made, 
no matter who wrote it or who acted in it.

If, as I have argued, such directors are mostly a thing of the past, it 
is some consolation that there is at least one exception to the 
bottom-line, cookie-cutter mentality that has hijacked the movie 
industry. Werner Herzog in many ways is the last of the auteurs. At the 
age of seventy, he still sticks stubbornly to the aesthetic and moral 
imperatives that he obeyed back in 1972 when he wrote and directed 
“Aguirre, Wrath of God”. The eponymous conquistador, who led a small 
band of soldiers down the Amazon in search of El Dorado, the legendary 
city of gold, until he was driven insane, was the prototypical Herzog 
hero—someone who defies social convention and urban civilization in 
pursuit of quixotic goals.

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/25/herzog-in-siberia/

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