[Marxism] What's to celebrate on Australia Day?

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Fri Jan 25 09:57:02 MST 2013

January 26 is the celebration of the start of one of the great crimes of capitalism: the brutal and continuing process of genocide and dispossession of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people write the editors of Socialist Alternative.

To mark this occasion of mourning, and of resistance, we here reproduce selected sections of the pamphlet Aborigines claim citizen rights! written by Jack Patten and William Ferguson of the Aborigines Progressive Association. The pamphlet was circulated prior to the first Day of Mourning protest held on 26 January 1938, the 150th anniversary of invasion. The full document is available here.

The pamphlet, unfortunately, still reads true in so many regards. Its appeal, in such blistering tone, to take ?pause in the midst of your?rejoicings? is well worth repeating on this, the 225th anniversary of invasion.


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