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Fri Jan 25 19:10:27 MST 2013

DCQ wrote: "Politically, I think they are right on target in
identifying the crusty conservative and--let's call a spade a
spade--corrupt bureaucratic machine and the leadership's anti-feminism
as major problems (to say the least). "

True...and we wish them well, but it is worthwhile reminding ourselves
that the same anti-feminism was deployed by the SWP and others on the
British left to abuse and denigrate those, especially women,  in the
Scottish Socialist Party who opposed Tommy Sheridan when  he split the

Feminism was a major theme in that dipute which others chose to gloss
over for the sake of a pseudo class line.

"In a faction fight within the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) of 2006,
SWP-aligned members of the SSP argued that their political opponents
were under the influence of “feminist ideas” which the SWP had dealt
with back in the ’80s."


"The entire radical left now has to reassess its understanding of
feminism. The split in the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) had similar
roots. It was about a majority of the SSP’s leadership unwillingness
to lie to cover the then convenor Tommy Sheridan’s misogynist
behaviour, both inside and outside the  party. The SWP, a platform in
the SSP at the time, backed Sheridan for tactical reasons. It now
appears there may have been some solidarity from sections of the SWP
leadership. Sheridan’s misogyny was well known by some of the SSP’s
inner circle, who thought they could control it. It shows the fallacy
of building a party on anything other than democracy and feminist


dave riley

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