[Marxism] Why the ideas of Karl Marx are more relevant than ever in the 21st century

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I am likely the "sectarian asshole" you are referring to. I must say, I find it humorous how some treat the "Jacobins" as though their politics are exempt from criticism, presumably because of all the great publicity they have given the left. Here I was thinking the Jacobin was a serious Marxist political journal and should be critiqued as such. If I had known it was only a glossy Adbusters-style publicity project, perhaps I wouldn't have wasted so much time taking their technocratic social democratic "Marxism" seriously.

If opposing the Democratic Party and its apologists is enough to make one a "sectarian asshole" then I plead guilty as charged.

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> Not officially but didn't Bhaskar used to write for their magazine? He also
> used to post on Marxmail from time to time. They're also currently
> advertising for their national conference on Jacobin. I saw someone - maybe
> on Facebook - complaining about it a few weeks ago.
> YDS actually - Young Democratic Socialists - youth wing of Democratic
> Socialists of America. I think the only time I've encountered any of their
> members was at the US Social Forum a few years back.
> What is YDSA and how is Jacobin affiliated with it?
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