[Marxism] Alex Callinicos responds to Owen Jones

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 14:20:18 MST 2013

So Callinicos has emerged into the public and has said his piece.  This
offering is remarkable for not addressing the core problem.  Tirades
against Labourism and reformism and tales of ancient glories might stir the
blood of the loyal few, yet the central problem remains unaddressed.  Pham
Binh allegations about the role of the professional party worker in
destroying internal democracy remains unaddressed by Callinicos. Moreover
if we read and believed Callinicos it would appear that loyalty to the
working class somehow demanded that one support the CC in the rape case.
Either that or succumb to the dark force of the internet.

Callinicos here comes across like the Bourbons - "They learn nothing.  They
forget nothing".  As long as the "from little things big things grow" mob
remain in charge, these tragedies will repeat themselves endlessly.



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