[Marxism] Zizek blasts "Zero Dark Thirty"

Glenn Kissack gkissack at nyc.rr.com
Mon Jan 28 16:50:28 MST 2013

> Louis, are you telling me that the Cheka was bound by bourgeois notions of human rights in its task of uprooting counter-revolutionary subversion ? As the founder of the Red Army, Trotsky was more than ready to do anything to ensure the success of the revolution and all his speeches (and his memoir) abound in ruthless and harsh statements about the fate that awaits those who oppose Soviet power.

Good for Trotsky, Dzerzhinsky and the Bolsheviks! No ruling class gives up power peacefully. The White armies in Russia used the most horrific terror against the Red Army and its supporters. They got what they deserved in return. The U.S. bourgeoisie has used -- and will use in the future -- all the violent means at its disposal to crush any opposition to its rule. Think of the murder of Fred Hampton and other Black Panthers. Think of the napalm, carpet bombing and Operation Phoenix in Vietnam. Revolutionary violence against a violent and oppressive system is justified.

This is a great essay on "Pacifism and Violence" by Christopher Caudwell:


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