[Marxism] Marxist critique of Leninism

Daniel Koechlin d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 28 17:09:52 MST 2013

What might not be obvious is that Libertarian Marxism/Council Communism 
(one of the oldest currents in Marxism) aspires to take a materialist 
view of history and extract from the data pertaining to Leninism some 
important lessons.

Whilst a popular revolution, the Bolshevik revolution broke away from 
its Soviet matrix, the concept of a genuine federation of workers' and 
peasants' councils, in favour of a centralized State apparatus which 
recreated class division and the oversight of a minority over the use of 
the labour power of the majority.

This critique of Leninism as a barrier to worker self-management is an 
important one, which Marx (from his early works to Critique of the Gotha 
Programme) was well aware of. For mankind to come into its own, Marx did 
not envision the Social Democratic, Bolshevik or contemporary Chineese 

As long as labour is seen as directed by another social class, and not 
by the labourers themselves, it is alienation. The party-form fails in 
this respect and merits critique from proponents of a bottom-up approach 
to Socialism, which is what followers of a tradition opposed to Leninism 
(Anarcho-syndicalism, Council Communism, etc.) bring to the discussion.

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