[Marxism] Marxist critique of Leninism

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Jan 30 21:03:42 MST 2013

On Jan 30, 2013, at 10:24 PM, Joaquín Bustelo wrote:
> The bureaucracy did not crush or displace the Soviets. The Soviets  
> were an expression of the revolutionary movement of the working  
> people, and when that movement died as the result of the was an the  
> economic crisis, the bureaucratic apparatus of the state  
> administration stepped into the void that the collapse of the  
> revolution as a mass movement of working people had left.

It was not the state bureaucracy, inherited from the Tsarist  
administration, that destroyed the revolution. It was the new  
Stalinist bureaucracy that was attacked by Lenin in his last struggle,  
the *Party* bureaucracy recruited from the most careerist and criminal  
elements to latch on to the workers' revolution as parasites, that  
destroyed it.  Unless the specific character of the Party bureaucracy  
is specified, references to "bureaucracy" in general are totally  

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