[Marxism] Why there needs to be big international anti-war protests of Israel's bombing of Syria?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 31 10:58:58 MST 2013

At 08:57 31-01-13 -0800, Anthony Brain wrote:
>What the Israeli air force did in bombing a military complex in Damascus
last night.......

I absolutely agree that there should in principle be protests against
Israeli actions in Syria (or elsewhere), whenever they occur. There are
some things wrong with the above statements though.

>From what I can determine from the news reports (but of course the truth is
hard to ascertain), this was not a "bombing of Syria" but an attack IN
Syria directed against Hizbollah (involving an unknown shipment towards
Lebanon). The Syrian regime also suffered an attack against what is
described as a "military research center" in Jamraya, which was probably by
the revolutionaries. They chose to instead blame Israel for the latter,
being in the same proximity, thus allowing them to deny the rebels' ability
to conduct such a strike, while also drawing attention away from the fact
that they supply Hizbollah which is hardly a secret. It isn't clear whether
the Syrian regime was sending something to Hizbollah, perhaps for
safe-keeping, or whether Hizbollah was just wisely pulling some of their
property out of Syria. Or if Israel actually was responsible for bombing a
government facility, though it's hard to see what their aim would be in
this case.

In any case, yes, Israeli activity in Syria and Lebanon should be
forcefully protested. Israel's major concern is certainly maintaining
military dominance in Southern Lebanon (and the whole region). Although
they have (foolishly) remained loyal to Assad, Hizbollah will still be
around the day after Assad has been overthrown, and hopefully won't be too
weakened (or disoriented) by the success of a popular revolution in a
neighboring country.

- Jeff

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