[Marxism] Why there needs to be big international anti-war protests of Israel's bombing of Syria?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 14:22:17 MST 2013


"From what I can determine from the news reports (but of course the truth is
hard to ascertain), this was not a "bombing of Syria" but an attack IN
Syria directed against Hizbollah (involving an unknown shipment towards
Lebanon). The Syrian regime also suffered an attack against what is
described as a "military research center" in Jamraya, which was probably by
the revolutionaries. They chose to instead blame Israel for the latter,
being in the same proximity, thus allowing them to deny the rebels' ability
to conduct such a strike"

Interesting that although you admit upfront that "the truth is hard to
ascertain," you have no problem parroting the line of the U.S.
government/corporate media about how the bombing was of an arms shipment to
Hizbollah, and then you manage to invent a story which even the corporate
media hasn't come up with, which is that the attack on the military research
center was actually the "revolutionaries" but is being covered up by Syria
by blaming Israel.

Truly remarkable.

Needless to say, any actions protesting Israel's bombing of Syria are highly
unlikely to be initiated by defenders of the FSA, all the more so given
attitudes like this which suggest that at least some of these attacks (and
heck, why not both of them, while we're at it?) weren't Israel at all, but
rather the FSA.

And, while I'm at it, here's what Palestinian hero Leila Khaled had to say
(before the bombing):


"Would you explain the position of PFLP on the imperialist aggression in

"Now, they want to establish the ³Greater Middle East Initiative² using
religious and sectarian conflict. This is what is going on in Syria.
According to the last census, there are 11 million, 800 thousand
Palestinians. But only a quarter of this population is living on Palestinian
land. A huge population is exiled and the only country that has received
that population with open arms is Syria. What was done to us is now being
done to Syria.

"I am screaming with the top of my voice: We stand by the Syrian Army and
the people of Syria. We are confident in the people of Syria, who have taken
us, Palestinians, under their wings and hosted us on their land for over
sixty years. We are confident that they will prevail over this problem."

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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