[Marxism] Where are the Protests Against James F ranco-110; s -109; Feel-Good-108; Torture Porn?

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What is the basis for your confidence that "not all the actors and actresses" enjoy what they are doing?  Kink.com's video and web productions are known to feature "Before" and "After" interview segments with the performers precisely to clarify the matter of consent.
Dines' harps on the facial expressions of the women, as if she never heard of actresses ACTING on camera.  Oh, gosh, look at Janet Leigh's terror-stricken face in the shower scene in 'Psycho', and call the United Nations!
If Trueman or Lubben were to make similar remarks, we would dismiss it as typical Moral Majority-type trash.  But, put the exact words into the mouth of someone who claims to be on the Left, and voila - it must be valid.

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It's definitely not fair to disregard Gail Dines' criticisms simply because
she advocates a methodology of dealing with porn. Her points are valid.
Often times, this kind of thing leak over from "fantasy" to "real," and I
am in agreement with her when she points out that Franco is treating this
in a light-hearted manner that it does not deserve.

I'm not much for banning or regulating this behavior. I think restructuring
the social relations that causes these "kinks" are necessary, and we'll
also just have to come to the realization that human sexuality is complex
and, for whatever reason, women and men may truly enjoy this behavior. It's
important not to judge that, for sure, but it's just as important to
address the social sicknesses that could compel someone to take up jobs
like these. I'm fairly confident that not all the actors and actresses at
Kink.com truly enjoy what they're doing.

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> Here's a fun fact about Gail Dines: she was part of a group delegation in
> 2011 (as told by Prof. Shira tarrant of the Ms. magazine blog) addressing
> Congress on the need for President Obama to enforce obscenity laws. One of
> the few areas in which Obama did his due diligence on civil liberties was
> abolishing the Obscenity Division of the Justice Department. This act was
> widely condemned by anti-porners of all stripes, including Dines and her
> cohorts that day, such as Donna Rice Hughes, Shelley Lubben and Patrick
> Trueman.
> Dines, like all the "radical" feminist anti-porners, frequently claim to
> be opposed to censorship. But on that day, the mask was dropped.
> When considering her claims against Kink.com, consider the source.
> Sheldon Ranz
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