[Marxism] Why there needs to be big international anti-war protests of Israel's bombing of Syria?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 31 16:02:05 MST 2013

At 13:22 31-01-13 -0800, Eli Stephens wrote:
>"From what I can determine from the news reports (but of course the truth is
>hard to ascertain), t

>Interesting that although you admit upfront that "the truth is hard to

Yes, I absolutely admit upfront the level of confidence I have in a news 
report I am relaying, to the best of my knowledge. Unlike the PSL, for 
instance, which presented in their leaflet that you posted here, that "only 
5 percent of the opposition forces fighting in Syria are Syrian"  
(remember??) as a fact without qualification, until you were confronted with 
the utter fallaciousness of that statement and had to remove that lie from 
the flier. 

>you have no problem parroting the line of the U.S.
>government/corporate media

Well if anything they were parroting my line, as this was based on reports 
from yesterday before the US government officials awoke or the morning 
papers were published.

> .... and then you manage to invent a story which even the corporate
>media hasn't come up with, which is that the attack on the military research
>center was actually the "revolutionaries"

Well I might have called Reuters "corporate media," but regardless, I found 
their report from yesterday useful and informative (and of course the claims 
were not indisputably proven, also according to their own cautions).

>... given
>attitudes like this which suggest that at least some of these attacks (and
>heck, why not both of them, while we're at it?) weren't Israel at all, but
>rather the FSA.

Well of course I'm going by their word (as reported in the Reuters article) 
as I see no particular reason they'd take credit for something they didn't 
do (they don't have a history of doing so). Nor have I seen any evidence 
that Israel bombed both locations except for the claims of Syrian state 
media. And why not both?? Because they'd have no reason to destroy armaments 
LEAVING Syria, even if they had a clear shot at it (and had airplanes to 
bomb it from the air, which they don't).

>And, while I'm at it, here's what Palestinian hero Leila Khaled had to say
>(before the bombing):

Well I think her position is sad, but beside the point. And although I might 
have expected better from them, it isn't terribly surprising that the PFLP 
would pay compliments to the regime that hosts their headquarters, placing 
them at odds with most other Palestinian organizations which have backed off 
from any support of the Syrian regime. Regardless, the Syrians have to make 
their own revolution and decide on their own positions, not choose between 
which Palestinian (or American) organization to follow.

Here is the Reuters article I have been referring to:

- Jeff

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