[Marxism] Hardt and Negri plagiarize Graeber?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed May 1 08:27:56 MDT 2013

OMG what dangerous nonsense. But then he's just parroting -- and taking to
its logical conclusion -- things said in passing by those obsessed with

Reminds me of the chapters in Foner's history of US labor on how Henry
George and his nutty followers bollixed up the movement for a labor party
with their middle-class theories and practice.

This is why last weekend's HM conference was SUCH a breath of fresh air,
wiping away the cobwebs of confusion.

And by the way, regarding that crap in the Negri/Hardt piece about capital
taking control of life outside of work: been there, analyzed that. Give
credit where it's due, cretins, i.e. to the Marxists who long ago analyzed
the commodification of tasks formerly relegated to the home, the shaping of
family structures according to the (often conflicting) needs of capital,
etc. -- all of which was addressed in a materialist way by the women on the
HM gender panels.

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