[Marxism] Storm Effort Causes a Rift in a Shifting Occupy Movement

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 1 11:03:44 MDT 2013

On 5/1/13 12:38 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:
> So far Occupy Sandy has spent $670,000, according to information the
> group makes public online, disbursed for essentials like medical
> supplies ($5,000) and tools for mold remediation ($93,454). But as
> immediate needs for relief have died down, the group has begun programs
> reflective of a shift in tactics and a broad interpretation of
> “rebuilding,” like “Wildfire,” a series of political action classes in
> the Rockaways, which so far has received $10,600. That shift, toward
> what one storm volunteer called “indoctrination,” has caused some
> discomfort among donors and recipients alike.

Just got off the phone from talking to Jeff, my old friend who was 
featured in my Rockaways video. He went to the Wildfire meeting last 
night and had the following comments.

One, the meeting was held in Far Rockaway, the poorer and largely Black 
and Latino east end of the peninsula. There were 40 people in 
attendance, divided pretty equally between white, Black and Latino.

He had to leave 2 hours into the meeting and just before two working 
groups were breaking out, one on how to structure Wildfire 
democratically and two how to connect with other like-minded groups.

One of the more interesting points he made was about the participation 
of a Black detective from a local precinct who was pushing for people 
coming out for a anti-"Stop and Frisk" protest.

There was also a big push to get people out for the big May Day event today.


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