[Marxism] The ULA in Ireland

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed May 1 21:47:49 MDT 2013

For better or worse, the existing state of the ULA was foreseeable at the
start.  It was a train wreck about to happen.

For instance, the ULA declined to take a position on the national
question.  Unbelievable.  Ireland and they can't even take a position on
the national question.

Of course, not taking a position *is* actually taking a position.  It's
taking a position on side with the status quo.  This was pointed up by the
fact that the ULA onl;y organised in the south, not the north.  Just like
the main bourgeois parties - only organise one side of the border.

While the SP had the most appalling position on the national question, the
SWP was the one least inclined to talk about socialism.  So there was an
odd kind of symmetry about the ULA.

However, at least Clare Daly has been prepared, since her departure from
the SP, to at least speak out to some extent about the prisoners in the
north, and attend activities in support of Marion Price.

The people in Ireland who talk about *both* the national question and
socialism, and are not afraid to use the 's' word, are the left-wing
republicans - groups like eirigi and the RNU and the IRSP, which stand well
to the left of the ULA.  That's not to say their positions on everything
are wonderful - eirigi recently adopted a position on abortion which is
rather woeful.  But on the bulk of issues, they were well to the left of
the bulk of the Irish trotskyists.

For a couple of discussions about these issues see, for instance:
The New IRA and socialist-republicanism in the twenty-first century:
The burning of the British embassy 40 years on:
eirigi's Easter promise - two views:

The Easter Promise discussion is also being continued.  There's another
piece by Rayner Lysaght, a response to my response to his original article.


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