[Marxism] hackerspaces and socialism

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I see a connection between this and hacker competitions like Pwn2Own that
are trying to move hacking away from something that challenges state and
industrial control into a way of bringing more rebellious hackers into the
fold. Seems about as revolutionary as dot.com start ups making work-spaces
"fun" and "livable" by having open floor plans, nerf basketball and smoking
week at your workstation.

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> In the Times today there's an article entitled "One Big Workbench" about
> hackerspaces where people come together to share space and resources for
> hobbies -- in this case mostly mechanical and electronic, but the concept
> of hackerspace is much broader. I was unfamiliar with the term; its Wiki
> entry links to commons-based peer production.
> All of which relates to previous discussions here about possible
> alternative work/leisure models (and for overcoming the separation between
> the spheres -- including first and foremost for childcare, cooking,
> healthcare and education, etc.).
> Needless to say making such alternative spaces available to all, much less
> building a society in which they play a significant role in our everyday
> lives, won't happen through glorifying them as "prefigurative"
> institutions, but will rather depend on first destroying the old society
> and its state from root to branch.
> See, on both alternative lifestyles and a thoroughgoing revolution making
> them possible, William Morris's "News from Nowhere."
> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/02/garden/the-rise-of-the-hacker-space.html?_r=0
> commons-based peer production
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