[Marxism] How to unsub from the Marxism list

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 2 14:49:19 MDT 2013

Yesterday somebody asked to be unsubbed from the list but we could not 
find the email address of that person in our database. So here's how to 
do it without me or Les getting involved.

At the very bottom of your latest message (I am pretty sure you see the 
same thing with the digest), you'll see something like this:

Set your options at: 
http://greenhouse.economics.utah.edu/mailman/options/marxism/(your email 
address appears here)

If you click it, you will be directed to a page that is connected to the 
email address you subbed with. Then you will be given the opportunity to 
unsub from that page.

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