[Marxism] Open hardware is going to end corporatism and finally capitalism?

Andrea kradsmit at gmail.com
Thu May 2 23:30:42 MDT 2013


I would like to launch a topic about a growing reality that will be
changing our future.

the old philosophy of open source (Linux, LibreOffice,  and a lot of
other software ) and
the mass collaboration methods (from wikipedia to Liquidfeedback that
enables participation democracy online)

are now brought to Open hardware.
Open hardware applies the same principles to patents as creative
commons to copyrights.
With the participation of internet communities and real communities in
to building real stuff... such as micro-controllers (arduino) to
enable robotics or even an automatic Compressed Earth Blocks that
enables any one to build adobe houses at a lower cost that will
gradually match only the resources costs.

I believe it can enable the distribution of the means of production to
people in a way that is not easily controllable by the capitalism
United to our knowledge and know-how we can make the technology that
humanity really needs and benefit from it with free usage of all.

thanks for your opinions

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