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Fri May 3 08:16:50 MDT 2013

Spielberg’s Shortcoming
by Armond White on May 1, 2013 • 4:46 pm

Media short sides with American aristocracy–and dishonesty

The worst Steven Spielberg production ever is, without doubt, his Obama 
homage, Steven Spielberg’s Obama.

Unlike his disingenuous Obama-in-disguise campaign feature film, 
Lincoln, this two-minute satirical short looks artless and slapdash; it 
was made for last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner–an annual 
event for fatcats that contradicts the United States’ supposed 
allegiance to democracy by gathering the nation’s most empowered people 
(media celebritiies) to gently lambaste but mostly celebrate their 
empowered peer, the President, as the most casual, supercilious, 
inviolable and narcissistic cat of them all.


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