[Marxism] Privilege of the Pritzkers

Kathleen McCook klmccook at gmail.com
Fri May 3 08:22:19 MDT 2013

An Interview with Tim Anderson on Obama's Commerce Nominee, Penny Pritzker,
the Sub-Prime Queen: The Privilege of the Pritzkers
"... If the public is upset with our Congress and Senate, they have nobody
to blame but themselves. Now it’s up to them to tell their senators,
“Before you approve her to be Secretary of Commerce, make her answer the
questions about her role, not her wealth, but her role in the subprime
securitization mess.”  She needs to answer to her role in the mortgage
meltdown which basically destroyed our whole economy.  They need to be
prepared to ask her the right questions.  If they don’t, she’ll just walk
right through it and get free pass like she’s always gotten.  The burden is
on the public."

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