[Marxism] Open hardware is going to end corporatism and finally capitalism?

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Fri May 3 12:29:08 MDT 2013

Just a few quick remarks:
You could today eliminate all patents everywhere and (somehow) disclose all trade secrets and it not only would not hurt Capitalism, it would strengthen it in places where it is now weak, such as the behavior of big pharma and the associated "medical machinery" business (e.g., MRI machines, digital x-ray machines, etc.) Remember the anti-monopoly activity of the U.S. government. Monopolies were restrained for the sake of the overall health of capitalism. The current patent case before the U.S. Supreme Court is illustrating an important point: DNA patents are a serious restraint on further development of medical science ad science generally. I predict the Supreme Court will throw out the DNA patents in the interests of the future health of Capitalism.
Going back to the early 20th century Standard Oil monopoly, all businesses depending on petroleum—the auto manufacturers in particular—foresaw their profits being gobbled up by the Rockefeller trusts. That danger was too much to bear for Capitalism, so Standard Oil was broken up. The same happened to ATT when they started preparing to enter the computer & data processing business; Ma Bell was broken.
Finance Capital should be broken the same way, but it looks like Wall Street & Co. may have gathered too much strength. It is an interesting tussle.
"Open Hardware" as a threat to Capitalism is a utopian dream.
On May 2, 2013, at 10:30 PM, Andrea wrote:

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> Hello,
> I would like to launch a topic about a growing reality that will be
> changing our future.
> the old philosophy of open source (Linux, LibreOffice,  and a lot of
> other software ) and
> the mass collaboration methods (from wikipedia to Liquidfeedback that
> enables participation democracy online)
> are now brought to Open hardware.
> Open hardware applies the same principles to patents as creative
> commons to copyrights.
> With the participation of internet communities and real communities in
> to building real stuff... such as micro-controllers (arduino) to
> enable robotics or even an automatic Compressed Earth Blocks that
> enables any one to build adobe houses at a lower cost that will
> gradually match only the resources costs.
> I believe it can enable the distribution of the means of production to
> people in a way that is not easily controllable by the capitalism
> world.
> United to our knowledge and know-how we can make the technology that
> humanity really needs and benefit from it with free usage of all.
> thanks for your opinions
> Fraternally
> Andrea
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