[Marxism] A first victory for the Cuban Five - René González is now free

Robert Johnson RobertJohnson100 at sympatico.ca
Fri May 3 16:58:38 MDT 2013



May 3, 2013


In a huge development in the case of the Cuban Five, the court has finally
granted a motion, first made last June, to allow René González to serve the
remaining portion of his three-year parole in Cuba, after which he will of
course be able to remain in Cuba, outside the jurisdiction of the court.
Until this time, the court has required him to spend that parole at an
undisclosed location in Florida, requiring him to remain in virtual
seclusion because of the danger to his life from the very terrorists whose
plots he and the other members of the Five came to the U.S. to expose.


René has been in Cuba for two weeks to attend a memorial service for his
father Cándido, who died recently.


Phil Horowitz, Rene's attorney, said: "Rene and I are happy that he will be
able to be permanently reunited with his family. Rene's exemplary conduct
shows that these are not individuals that the government has made them out
to be. We are just so happy and will take all the steps pursuant to the
court order."


The 7-page court order by Judge Joan Lenard (click to download), describes
the requirements for his right to remain in Cuba. The principal requirement
is that he renounce his citizenship, which he willingly offered to do
previously (René held dual U.S.-Cuban citizenship). To renounce a U.S.
citizenship, it must be done outside of the United States, as per U.S.
federal code, Section 1481 a(5).


We are extremely happy for René, who has, along with his Cuban Five
brothers, been unduly punished for being a proud defender of his people, his
homeland and the Cuban Revolution.


This development must give all the Cuban Five supporters great inspiration
to continue the fight so that Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio and Fernando can
return home immediately.







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