[Marxism] Greg Palast aiding and abetting Kazakh regime

Allen Ruff alruff at tds.net
Sat May 4 11:02:06 MDT 2013

Greg Palast providing legitimacy for Kazakhstan regime! In a country where all the dominant media are controlled by immediate members of dictator Nazarbayev's family or close associates and no oppositional press is allowed to exist, this guy, supposedly a critical journalist, speaks at a dog-and-pony show "media conference" in late April.  

Would he have gone to apartheid South Africa as a guest of the white-rule regime? Would he accept invitations from the Israelis, despite calls for a boycott by the BDS campaign? Greg Palast should be ashamed of himself! 

http://eamedia.org/en/programms/ (See "Session #5") 

P.S.: George Galloway also spoke at the conference. Wonder if he addressed the massacre of striking oil workers at Zhanaozen in December, 2011 and the plight of labor in the country since!?

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