[Marxism] The Political Roots of American Obesity

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
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"*The American Syndrome - A Mental Health Problem*

The result of all of this hysteria and whip-cracking on the backs of the
American workforce is that we feel harried and harassed, with little reward
to show for it. Mental health has been worsening for a long time in the
United States, and this mental decline has been the culprit behind so many
- probably the majority - of physical health problems as well. One of them,
as we shall see later, is obesity.

Chinese medicine can help to make sense of most mental and physical
problems in the United States and organize them into three main categories:
those of chronic tension, excessive interior heat and excess weight.
Together, they form a super-syndrome some would call the American Syndrome,
since it seems to be a universal phenomenon.

Chronic tension is caused by *worrying*, and all its avatars - anxiety,
fear, guilt, remorse, dread. Excessive interior heat results from the
friction caused by it hurrying and worrying, while excess weight - which
can manifest as obesity - is the result of habitual overeating.

These three inappropriate and harmful activities - worrying, hurrying, and
overeating - are daily choices that Americans make, and these choices are
driving them crazy. Mental health in the country is going to hell in a hand

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