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I envy you, I have always wanted to visit the former Yugoslavian Federal
Republics, not sure if it is grammatically correct to capitalize them.
So, what is the state of the Left in these republics at present, is there a
clear socialist alternative, whether as a communist party or parties or
movements of any other name?.

Is J. B. Tito a venerated figure in Slovenia, Croatia, or Serbia.

Anyway, just curious and I should probably look at the links you provided in
another Email and just keep quiet until I'm sure my questions haven't been

And are you the economist Michael Perelman?
Your name sounds very familiar to me but am wondering why, perhaps the older
I get, the more I think I've heard everyone's name, but I'm only 43 so I
suppose I have a ways to go.

Thanks to all who write and contribute,

Yours fraternally,

Dan W.

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On additional point about the developments at the Workers & Punks University
May Day School reported by Michael Perelman: the announcement made at the
conference was the formation of an explicitly socialist initiative. The
young comrades there have been intensely involved in the protest movement
there and have concluded that it is essential now to distinguish their
position from the strains of merely anti-corruption and nationalist elements
within those demonstrations and to build explicitly on this basis. The
particular significance of this at this time is that 'socialism' [and,
indeed, self-management] have been terms beyond mention as the result of an
intense ideological offense offensive throughout the former Yugoslavia for
the last 20 years and more. There are similar stirrings in Zagreb [where I
was until yesterday] and Belgrade [where I am now] among young people but
they are far behind the comrades in Ljubljana; however, there is no question
that in those places they are being inspired to go thou and do likewise.

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