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All right, comrades and friends.
Now explain something to me:
I have been very confused about the Syria business.
The one thing that makes me worried about the Syrian rebels is how much it
looks like the press in the West is supporting them.
Any time the corporate owned media bashes someone I have to wonder, in this
case, the corporate owned media spent years bashing Qaddhafi (spelling) of
Libya and now Bashar Al Assad.

Of course, it could be a case of the same situation as Saddam Hussein, where
he was a bit of a cut throat but still his despotism wasn't an excuse for
the U.S.  and it's Allies conducting a horrible war there.
I am willing to listen to both sides, direct me to some good sources,
As a proviso, please don't' accuse me of being an Assad supporter, I   am
neither pro-Assad nor anti-Assad, I am, however, anti-imperialist.

I apologize for spelling, I'm in a rush and my computer is playing with me,
so please be gentle with me as I have nothing against any of you, list

All the best,


Dan W.


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On 5/6/13 8:20 AM, Ron Jacobs wrote:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-22424188

I find it so amusing how apologists for Bashar al-Assad like Ron quote
exactly the same sources to indict the Syrian rebels that they attacked in
the past when they were slandering Milosevic. The article above relies
totally on the judgment of Carla Del Ponte, a top prosecutor in the
International Criminal Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia who alleged that
Milosevic did not die of a heart attack because of a lack of adequate
medical care but because of suicide in order to "evade justice".

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