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Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon May 6 07:29:32 MDT 2013

At 09:01 06/05/2013 -0400, Louis Proyect wrote:
>> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-22424188
>I find it so amusing how apologists for Bashar al-Assad like Ron quote 
>exactly the same sources to indict the Syrian rebels that they attacked 
>in the past

Yes, but this is hardly unusual: those trying to reach a particular
conclusion (for whichever side) will cherry-pick the media source (or in
this case, politician) which reports what they want to hear. The most
extreme case in the case of the Syrian revolution was after the Houla
massacre when these same pro-Assad forces fixated on a SINGLE reporter's
story published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claiming, contrary to
all other indications (and unsupported within the article itself, if read
carefully), that the massacre was committed by the rebels.

More immediately, from the attention over the question of chemical weapons
use over the last couple of weeks, one can draw a few conclusions
REGARDLESS of who did or didn't do what when. Namely, it had been widely
conjectured that Obama's announced "red line" about chemical weapons was a
repeat of the Iraq war WMD claims (and that anyone doubting that was
"naive"), just setting the stage for a Western military intervention
following a claim (real or bogus) that chemical weapons had been used by
the regime. But what transpired was the exact opposite! The US tried to
ignore evidence (whether true or false) presented of that happening until
they had to say something, and then when they had to concede that there was
rather compelling evidence (whether true or false in actuality) Obama
backtracked to say that it needed to be researched much more completely so
that wasn't any danger of attacking the Syrian regime without sufficient
justification. Obviously, if the Iraq analogy had been true, then Obama
would have accepted the reports at face value (or simply have faked the
"intelligence" as Bush did) and gone ahead with his plans long before these
latest suspicions had been raised.

All I can imagine is that Obama expected that by laying down his "red
line," al-Assad would have been crazy to use chemical weapons (they have
enough other weapons!) so that he would never have to again address the
"ultimatum" he had just laid down.

And as an aside, I still do think the US/West will likely take military
action, and probably in relation to chemical weapons (or missiles being
supplied to Hezbollah). But this will be to "secure" them, not because of
them being used by one party or the other.

- Jeff

 when they were slandering Milosevic. The article above 
>relies totally on the judgment of Carla Del Ponte, a top prosecutor in 
>the International Criminal Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia who alleged 
>that Milosevic did not die of a heart attack because of a lack of 
>adequate medical care but because of suicide in order to "evade justice".
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