[Marxism] Evidence "rebels" used arin

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Mon May 6 11:41:19 MDT 2013

The increasing dominance of the Syrian rebel forces by fanatical Wahabi religionists
should be a concern for those who support either or all of the following three groups:


Since I fall into all three of those categories - I definitely am concerned when I
read or hear of socialists who state they care about these three groups, but despite
the rebel leadership being more religious reactionary fanatics -they still want to
support them!!

I can not see any good socialist supporting either the Assad regime or the 9th Century
Wahabi religionists.  Things look awful in Syria and I only see more bloodshed ahead
by whichever of these two forces succeeds on crushing the other.  Further bloodshed
of Syrians and destruction of the infrastructure of that nation, will only benefit Israel
and the United States and their allies.

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