[Marxism] Hundreds of Uni students in Canberra protest against Labor's attacks on higher education

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon May 6 17:04:21 MDT 2013

Local Labor member and former Australian National University Professor Andrew Leigh, in justifying Labor's massive higher education cuts to a large group of student protesters, fell back on that old furphy that things would  be worse under Abbott. That's like the python who is squeezing us to death warning us to beware of the tiger lurking nearby. In fact Labor's attacks lay the groundwork for possible attacks by the Liberals in the future. Such is the  degeneration of the ALP that the Liberals agree with Labor's current cuts to  higher education. The way to fight Abbott's neoliberalism is to fight Gillard and Leigh's neoliberalism. 


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