[Marxism] Guest speakers at the 2013 Socialist Rapist Party Conference

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 7 00:31:43 MDT 2013


Paul Le Blanc
Paul Le Blanc is an author and activist flying in from the United States 
for Marxism 2013. His many books include “Lenin and the Revolutionary 
Party", and "Black Liberation and the American Dream". He will speak on 
“The history and future of Lenininism” [Is that anything like Troskyismism?]

Gilbert Achcar
His many publications include “The Arabs and the Holocaust”.  His new 
book “The People Want: a Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising” is 
out this year.

Plus Alan Freeman and Radhika Desai who seem to live for these things.

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