[Marxism] Hamas “Talibanizing” Gaza

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Wed May 8 02:49:29 MDT 2013

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This latest crackdown on civil liberties follows earlier campaigns which
have seen women banned from riding on the back of motorcycles, a common
form of transport in the territory where fuel is scarce. Women have also
been banned from smoking water pipes in public, and couples on the streets
have been subjected to interrogations by Hamas security members.

Male hair stylists are forbidden from styling women’s hair while female
runners were banned from taking part in a marathon organised by the UN
Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, leading  UNRWA to cancel the
event.  The marathon went ahead in the West Bank, attracting international
competitors and Palestinian women.

In the West Bank there is no law segregating boys and girls in early
school. However, apart from some schools including private and Christian
schools, there is a general segregation of the sexes in high school.

But choice is an issue for many Palestinians, and Hamas legislation on “how
to be a good Muslim” is seen as enforcement of the Hamas political agenda.

“This is ridiculous. What is wrong with boys and girls learning together?
As a Muslim and a parent I want the choice as to whether I send my children
to a mixed school or a gender segregated one,” says Rana Atta from the
Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) in Ramallah in the West Bank.

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