[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed May 8 09:24:11 MDT 2013

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From: Shane Mage
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> >Assad's Western defenders either don't mention Israel at all when 
> >they list the countries they think are waging "war on Syria" (and 
> >hope no-one notices the omission); or, even worse, they add Israel to 
> >their list despite the evidence (and hope no-one notices).
> A very odd reaction to the Israeli aggressions! It could be said 
> accurately the Israel is waging war
directly, the West economically, the Arab dictatorships by proxy as well 
as ideologically. None of which, of course, justifies a smidgen of 
support for Assad!

If you mean actual war on Syria, then exactly, Israel is the only state 
that has actually waged war, with these latest bombings, and in any case 
with the 46 year occupation sovereign Syrian territory in the Golan, it 
is in a state of war.

But the post was not talking about war on Syria, but about the "war on 
Syria," ie, leftist code for the 99% indigenous Syrian uprising (quite 
separate is the issue of the proportion of this uprising that is still 
democratic v the proportion that is reactionary-sectarian). It is code 
for support for Assad's bloodthirsty repression. Pro-Assad leftists 
usually list Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, the US and other imperialist 
powers. My contention is that to the extent to which it is true - ie 
actual arming of the reactionary-sectarian elements - it only concerns 
those first three countries, not the US.

Above all it does not include Israel, which, notwithstanding its actual 
acts of war on Syria as a country and the Syrian people, has a distinct 
preference for the Assad regime over the popular opposition in the war 
going on. 

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