Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 8 10:20:03 MDT 2013

On 5/8/13 11:53 AM, james pitman wrote:
> It doesn't help that Gilbert and Callinicos are best of friends either.

I should mention that ISO'ers Scott McLemee, Jonah Birch (Chibber's 
dissertation student) and others took exception on Facebook to the idea 
that there was anything wrong with Le Blanc speaking at the SWP carnival 
of fools, describing it as an "individual decision". I only found out 
about what they were saying about me when McLemee, who I knew fairly 
well about 15 years ago, made the FB thread based on my blog post about 
the ISO and SWP public (if that's what they call it.) When I took a look 
at the thread, this is the sort of thing I saw:

"Proyect is such a petulant shit."

"this shows what a jackass Proyect is,"

"Best way to handle proyect: next time I see him at an event, I'm just 
going to start writing on the board while he's talking, denounce him, 
and then walk out" (That from Birch who lectured me on how to behave at 
an academic conference.)

And, unbelievably, they took the stance that I was the abusive one! The 
inability of ISO'ers to see themselves as doing anything wrong is to be 
expected. When you are ideological soul-mates with people who are also 
your best buddies you go out to have pizza and beer with, naturally you 
tend to see the world through the same lens. I know from my experience 
in the American SWP that "being part of the group" is overpowering. Of 
course, this is what led to the British SWP's crisis just as surely as 
it will lead to some crisis in the ISO down the road--as surely as night 
follows day.

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