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> UPDATE—May 8: Cooper Union students, faculty, and staff have occupied the
> office of Jamshed Bharucha, the university’s president. Read their
> statement here <http://cusos.org/students-take-presidents-office>.
> On April 23, 2013, Cooper Union’s board of trustees announced that they
> will begin charging tuition, ending the university’s 144-year-old mission
> of providing free education to all those who merited entry. While it might
> seem counterintuitive to get behind a relatively small struggle at one of
> the most exclusive universities in the country—an old-fashioned
> meritocracy in a world in which a young person’s “potential” is directly
> proportionate to their family’s economic station—Cooper Union is by far
> the most diverse of all elite colleges: white students are a minority here
> and two-thirds of the student body attended public high schools.
> Institutions funded by philanthropy and real estate earnings are clearly
> unsustainable as foundations for a quality education, but the school’s
> economic problems and its board’s regressive solutions mirror the
> situation currently taking place at countless other universities, both
> public and private. From CUNY tuition hikes
> <http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2011/11/22/occupy-cuny-nyc-students-drop-books-on-police-in-chaotic-tuition-hike-protest>
> to the torpedoing of Medgar Evers College
> <http://www.psc-cuny.org/clarion/january-2013/middle-states-commission-warns-medgar-evers-college-over-accreditation>
> to NYU’s unprecedented land grab
> <http://nyunews.com/2013/04/10/protest-3>, students across the city are
> fighting back. As student struggles continue across the globe, Cooper
> Union is a flashpoint for something much larger than itself.
> Peter Cooper, the school’s founder, railed against the scourge of student
> debt a century and a half before the streets of Montreal exploded with
> resistance, before New York universities faced a string of militant
> occupations, before students in California put their bodies on the line
> against tuition hikes and the commodification of higher education. The
> ongoing fight at Cooper Union is but one part of the broader struggle
> against austerity, debt, and all other symptoms of capitalism.
> On May 1, a 36-page mini-zine that serves as a postscript to last year’s
> Why is Cooper Union Being Occupied?
> <http://year0.org/2012/12/04/why-is-cooper-union-being-occupied> was
> produced and distributed around the city. Collecting recent articles,
> editorials, and primary source documents, this basic update outlines the
> current situation at Cooper Union, at once a eulogy and a call for new
> resistance.
> Download the PDF here
> <http://groupaffect.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/cooper-union-may1.pdf>,
> read online here <http://www.mediafire.com/view/?sdvyrchjog93e5e>, or come
> down to Cooper Union and pick up a hard copy.
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