[Marxism] Interesting addition to the MIA: Obras Completas (Complete Works) to the Spanish Archivo José Carlos Mariátegui

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed May 8 20:16:06 MDT 2013

Reply to Andy. I asked about the "popular" term to list member Juan F. who
did the work of getting this stuff online.--DW

 Here is his reply:

"That's what the collection is called among Mariategui scholars."

"In part, I think its meant to signify that it was meant to be cheap and
accessible, a trade paperback edition.   In part it is meant to
differentiate it from other suggested -but as yet unpublished- collections,
which would be organized chronologically, thematically, or according to in
what publication they were first published."

"The edition also not only includes material Mariategui, but also writings
about him by others - even poems and artwork of him- but also is not
complete.   It does not include the many texts that were published in the
1980s in the 2-vol. Correspondence collection, and there are some loose
writings that have been published by biographers."

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