[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Lester Schonbrun schonbrun at gmail.com
Thu May 9 00:45:43 MDT 2013

It’s a sad fact that I have no idea whose reporting to trust about Syria.
 I watched the video.  I saw no way of telling from it alone who or what
was responsible for the destruction.  I would think that our “black ops”
people, or the Mossad’s, are capable of such false-flag operations, but who
can say for sure?

Given my distrust of the media, I can’t dispute or affirm the
characterization of Assad.  Maybe I was wrong to compare him to Allende.
 But take Hussein and Noriega.  I certainly don’t claim these were
socialist heroes, yet I think it was absolutely correct to resist the
demonization of them, for that demonization was clearly part of a US neocon
design to brutalize and terrorize those countries and replace those leaders
with types more subservient to US corporate interests.

It’s possible that, despite the similarities, this is different.  But, even
if Assad is the demon our media makes him out to be, adding our Marxist
voices to the barrage denouncing him won’t make much difference.  On the
other hand, if this is a precursor to more US/Israeli sponsored regime
change, our voices can, if nothing else, help expose the pattern.

Lester S.

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 10:34 PM, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:

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> On 5/9/13 1:01 AM, Lester Schonbrun wrote:
>> Two Thoughts on Syria.
>> 1. The media coverage of Syria is strikingly similar to coverage of Iraq
>> before our “leaders” invaded that country, similar to Chile before the CIA
>> sponsored the coup and murder of Allende, similar to Panama before we
>> bombed them, ditto Libya, and I could name many more.  In those cases,
>> there was an intense zeroing in on “human rights” violations.  That focus
>> was a precursor to US aggression.  How is this different?
> Of course there is a difference. The NY Times and the Washington Post have
> an article almost every single day of the week decrying the "jihadists" in
> Syria. If I were a reporter at either of these newspapers, I surely would
> have been able to make a distinction between Allende, whose main problem
> was failing to rein in the bourgeois press, and Qaddafi or al-Assad who
> would have had a student thrown in prison, tortured, or killed for starting
> a newspaper on campus that called for multiparty elections. In Chile there
> were "human rights violations". In Libya and Syria, there were and are
> human rights violations. We have a big problem in the US left that some
> people can't tell the difference between a scumbag like Bashar al-Assad and
> Salvador Allende, who was one of the great social democratic leaders of the
> past 50 years.
>  2. Why do we save characterizations like “bloodthirsty” for leaders of
>> other countries, when our leaders have shed more blood than all others
>> combined?
> I don't know what else to call somebody who uses Scud missiles against
> working class tenements. Take a look at this and tell me if the term does
> not apply.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?**v=Ua7vVISyyDI<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua7vVISyyDI>
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