[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 9 00:59:16 MDT 2013

On 5/9/13 2:45 AM, Lester Schonbrun wrote:
> It’s a sad fact that I have no idea whose reporting to trust about Syria.
>   I watched the video.  I saw no way of telling from it alone who or what
> was responsible for the destruction.  I would think that our “black ops”
> people, or the Mossad’s, are capable of such false-flag operations, but who
> can say for sure?

Don't you realize that you are embarrassing yourself by writing these 
things? But then again, anybody who wrote for Jared Israel's website is 
probably beyond being embarrassed.

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