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It's real simple. "Part of the way with LBJ" meant "All the way with LBJ." The socialist party crowd didn't want to believe that - and didn't care anyway. So hell bent were they on capturing the Democratic Party and chasing the most rotten aspects of the AFL CIO they had no choice but to go whole hog for imperialism - that's what American capital is all about. You could pull up in revulsion at some point when it was too late, for example Harrington, or go as far as his mentor Shachtman all the way to the Bay of Pigs. But it doesn't matter. Once you're into permeationism, your dead. There's no way out. And I don't think the folks at Jacobin are really dedicated to a complete break with the Democratic party - or do I read it wrong?

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The main editor of the (I would say misnamed) Jacobin magazine has 

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