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Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Thu May 9 04:45:20 MDT 2013


My annual medical ritual has now come and gone -- and all remains just fine.  No active Lupus and everything else quite OK.  Five vials of blood were taken from me several days ago -- and the doc's wrap-up words to Eldri and myself yesterday were "Enjoy life."  To me, he was then a little more specific:  "Exercise (and that, as per the owls' visit, is in the works) and drink more water (I had told him I drank more coffee these days) and come back in a year."

The background of this now ten year experience with relatively rare and frequently lethal "full blown" Systemic Lupus, which hit almost every part of me, but did spare my brain, is too well known to most readers to reiterate in any detail.  But it is worth mentioning that, at the outset in 2003, almost all medics saw little or no survival hope for me.   The physician who assumed my situation in the middle of that early most dismal period -- a devout young Mormon -- joined me in my commitment not to pass into the spirit world any time soon -- and, while committed to "western medicine", he also joined me in recognizing the great importance of appropriate diet, the extremely positive influence of family and friends, and the assistance of various forces best summed up here as "things unseen."  In 2009, I posted that the Lupus was -- quite unexpectedly -- ebbing.  In 2010, it was, for all practical purposes, gone -- but I did not post that tentative observation or make any report that year.  In 2011, we could definitely report "no active Lupus", could reiterate that in 2012, and can state it now.

This turn of events, given the great severity of my case, has surprised almost everyone.

Several things are worth a brief mention:

I refused all chemo drugs at every point -- and this has turned out to be a wise decision.  Increasing, however slowly, is a build-up of data indicating some SLE cases where chemo meds are involved, have produced Lymphoma.

The new and initially much heralded Lupus med -- Benlysta -- has turned out to be disappointing.  In addition to its astronomical cost, it is far from universally effective and generates many negative side effects.  So there remains no cure for Lupus and, given its genetic base, there may never be one.

The Lupus Cause desperately needs much more research monies.  Given its predatory preference for men and women who are Native American, African American, Chicano and in certain other "minority groups" -- and for women in general -- it can certainly be seen as a bona fide civil rights issue.

In the very early period, one of the dozen docs then involved, asked me if I drank alcohol or smoked.  I could say piously that I didn't do either.  With a straight face, he then asked, "Just what do you do for fun?" Then he grinned. That was refreshing.  I did, of course, return to tobacco smoking via pipe a couple of years after that, but my abstention from any alcohol -- that very long standing indeed -- continues.

We have our own large and extended family.  All great folks -- but, of course, there are always very conventional and mundane domestic challenges. Early in the dismal period, now almost a decade ago, Eldri looked at me earnestly and said, "Please, please don't go away and leave me with this."  Now that for sure was a powerfully good, and very sincere, card to play.

I continue to give any assistance I can to other SLE victims scattered about the country.

Now on to another potentially very bad forest/brush fire season all around us.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to acknowledge this message.  I underscore this. Your continuing good thoughts, always important, are quite sufficient -- and very much appreciated.

Solidarity/Keep Fighting,

Hunter (Hunter Bear)

Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk 
Member, National Writers Union AFL-CIO
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