[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu May 9 07:54:25 MDT 2013

This thread and recent discussion over the Syrian revolution has exposed so
many misconceptions (or should I say "successful disinformation") and
confusion that answering each point would make for a long post that no one
would want to read through. Moreover it would just be repeating answers
that have already been posted but ignored or disbelieved given the noise
level. Or explanations that are resisted because they have too much in
common with reports in the bourgeois press or pronouncements by bourgeois
politicians. All of which is understandable, but is no excuse for lazy
thinking. If one simply goes by the preponderance of overloaded information
to come to a conclusion, or just rates the truthfulness of each datum
according to the point of view of the information source, then one will be
left in a quandary. Or worse, they will resort to basing their conclusion
on analogies -- most notably the 2002-2003 disinformation campaign against
Saddam Hussein -- rather than using their critical faculties.

Most surprisingly at all, one might think that those posting on this list
are unaware of current developments widely reported in the media,
uncontroversially. In particular, the US and Russia are planning to
negotiate/impose a solution involving neither side winning but a
"negotiated settlement" between the revolution and the regime (the same
non-solution that the last two UN representatives attempted, and of course
failed at). This is of course absolutely unacceptable to ANY of the rebel
groups, as any such possibility for negotiation was drowned in blood 2
years ago when Assad brutally suppressed the peaceful demonstrations. If
Russia and the US (and others?) do come to such an agreement, it will
amount to the world's superpowers conspiring against the Syrian revolution.
Their rhetorics are already converging, with the predominant US concern
with the growing role of Jihadists, and the Russian/Syrian claim that it
has always been an "al-Q'aeda" operation to overthrow the nominally secular
government. It is sad to see intelligent people on the left parrot that
concern while totally denying the validity of the popular revolution in
progress (or any such aspects of the situation which defy the "terrorism"

- Jeff

At 06:52 09/05/2013 -0400, Dan Weiner wrote:

>The thing that worries me is what our own imperialism is planning an
>intervention in Syria.

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