[Marxism] Fans of eugenics

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu May 9 08:15:41 MDT 2013

Trotsky's backhanded endorsement of Eugenics has never really been
discussed enough. I find it fascinating through as a symbol for the left in
this period, a period of intense interest in science and the *potential* of
science to help provide a material basis for liberating humanity from the
suffering under capitalism.

Trotsky's position was a generalized "technocratic" view that Eugenics,
along with all other scientific advances endorsed generally by the
socialist movement, could be put at the disposal of our species to further
it's social evolution under communism. Many on the left held this view.

I suspect...as this is to my knowledge the only reference Trotsky ever made
on Eugenics, that he saw it in passing in a popular or literary magazine of
the day and thought "That's interesting....". That's why I call it
'backhanded' as he seemingly knew nothing about it really and thus it is
more of a quip than a well thought out position.

Can it be taken as an 'endorsement' of Eugenics. Yes. Is it a particularly
serious one? No.


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