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My own take on Harrington is that he wrote some fine books but in his role as a political figure, he had mostly toxic effects on the left.  By his own admission, he pretty much single handedly poisoned relation,s in the early 1960s, between the New Left and the Old Left.  He was a strident anticommunist, which led him to being supportive of US imperialism, and his advocacy of the socialists working within the Democratic Party  has turned out to be a dead end that has hardly had any of the sorts of consequences that he predicted.

On the other hand, he did write some fine books, most notably his book on poverty in the US, The Other America, plus some other worthwhile books, including his book on religion,  The Politics at God's Funeral, which is discussed among other things in the essay, "Six Prominent American Freethinkers."

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The main editor of the (I would say misnamed) Jacobin magazine has 
published a couple of hosannas to Michael Harrington (who I will not 
further characterize in deference to comrades who insist it is impolitic 
to call people social-imperialist scumbags).

This has provoked some discussion on  the ISO's Socialist Worker 
website: <http://socialistworker.org/2013/05/08/taking-sides-on-harrington>

This is my take on the discussion, which I submitted to their comment 
section a few minutes ago.
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