[Marxism] NZ mining tragedy - company to blame; it's official

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu May 9 22:03:55 MDT 2013

In November 2010, 29 mine workers at Pike River mine on the West Coast
(South Island), New Zealand died in a mine explosion.  The bodies have
never been retrieved.  The disaster was the result of a litany of problems
in terms of the mine company's crappy health and safety standards and in
the fact that successive Labour and National Party governments had
undermined safety in mines by taking away mine inspectors - apparently the
market, with all those omnipotent powers, would sort out everything and too
much regulation, even basic safety regulation, would stop the market doing
its job.

At the start of this week, the local (district) court found the company
guilty of a series of charges, with the judge ruling that it was
essentially responsible for the deaths of the 29.

For a piece on this ruling see:
nd for our earlier feature, see:

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