Segis Mundo msegis11 at gmail.com
Thu May 9 22:21:10 MDT 2013

Hey Louis, how you doing? I was wondering, since you really are
knowledgeable about everything in Latin America and its hopeful
developmentalist path under the Peronist model or if you prefer “Bolivaran”
model (it’s Bolivarian actually, but not to worry Louis, nothing that would
make anyone think that you are not thoroughly acquainted with the language
and culture),

Could you explain to us how the Kirchners have been getting rich as fuck
since their ascension to power, you know, money-laundering millions
throughout their Peronist developmental project, I’ve heard there have been
recent declarations by the people directly involved in these operations,
Nestor Kirchner’s long-time secretary Miriam Quiroga, Kirchners
vice-governor in Santa Cruz, Eduardo Arnold, etc.? Of course that money is
used to develop the nation and the state to fight the oppression of the
imperialist bourgeoisie (even if from a Swizz bank account). I’m sure you
avidly follow the news over there and you have all this figured out because
isn’t it patent that the bourgeois revolution must be completed in
Argentina? That must be why Jorge Abelardo Ramos, the leading ideologue of
the tendency Gorojovsky belongs to, Izquierda Nacional, ended his days
working for that old hero of the revolutionary bourgeoisie Carlos Menem.
That must be why the QOM indigenous people ought to be eliminated.

Also since you are really knowledgeable about the history of Argentina,
could you tell us about how Peron’s creation of the Triple A (Argentine
Anti-Communist Alliance) which killed and dissapeared combative (but surely
ultra-left) workers fit in Peron’s developmentalist plans, like how did
that fit in with his selling of the oil company YPF, which has now
obviously been recuperated by the Kirchner government (except for its minor
incorporation with Chevron)?

I’m sure it’s crystal clear to you but I’m still trying to figure it out,
if only I knew as much as you Louis…

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