[Marxism] Reply to Richard Seymour.

andrew coates pabs47 at hotmail.com
Fri May 10 04:39:28 MDT 2013

Richard Seymour says that I have 'form' on Islam.

I certainly have form on Bangladesh,  a country which I covered for some years on Tendance Coatesy.

The Blog has also backed the Bangladeshi secularists and those seeking justice for the islamists' victims of the war of national liberation.

Seymour continues, " Predictably, he distorts with the SWP is saying: they say the Left 
should aim to attract 'those who look to Islamists', not 'fascists' - 
ie, to attract people away from the Islamists toward socialist politics"

The presence of Kimber, National Secretary of the SWP at a London 
Islamist demonstration in support of these reactionaries cannot be so  easily
 explained away.

The SWP has a basis on which they believe they can 'attract' those who support the Islamists.

It is based on the idea that in the "struggle" against the State, the masses will become radicalised.

This will provide favourable ground for the left to attract people.

Such a premises ignores, totally, the reactionary ideology of the Bangladeshi Islamists, and the basis on which they are fighting the Awami-led government and their state.

It is as if ideology will simply melt away in the 'struggle'

The SWP too has 'form' they have a record of being "with" the Islamists "against the state".

This is the method they have adopted to get people away from the Islamists in the Arab world.

It has proved wholly false.

Andrew Coates

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