[Marxism] How did the anti-immigrant Jason Richwine Get a PhD from Harvard?

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 10 11:38:41 MDT 2013

A pal of mine, a professor of labour and industrial relations studies,
said to me years ago that it was amazing the amount of rubbish that
gets passed as PhD theses. I guess this applies to US colleges too.

Well before I went college I wrote that 'academic qualifications do
not prevent men from being fools, charlatans or both'. Twenty or more
years later, having obtained a PhD in the meantime, I stand by every
word of that.

A few years back, I reviewed a book for Revolutionary History, based
on a doctoral study which, that had I been the student's supervisor, I
would not have let go forward for examination, or, had I been the
examiner, I would have asked the author to resubmit after considerable
reworking. Nevertheless, it passed its examination, despite glaring
errors, ignoring key information that had been in the public domain
for decades, and which reappeared in the book.

Paul F

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