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Sat May 11 17:29:16 MDT 2013

By *Michael Karadjis*

May 11, 2013 -- /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ 
<http://links.org.au/node/3344> -- In the wake of two Israeli airstrikes 
on targets in Syria on the June 4-5 weekend, the second causing massive 
explosions close to Damascus and killing at least several dozen Syrian 
troops, discussion rages about the aims of this aggression and the 
relationship it has to the ongoing mass uprising and civil war in Syria.

Israel claimed both attacks were aimed at Iranian long-range rockets, or 
the military depots where they were housed, that were in transit via 
Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. As the Zionist regime has continually 
indicated that its "red line" was the transfer of any significant 
"game-changing" weaponry to either Hezbollah in Lebanon (which is 
currently aligned to Syria's besieged Assad regime) or to the Sunni 
Islamist rebels fighting to overthrow that regime, this explanation 
seems plausible.

In fact, Israel also bombed a convoy of rockets in western Syria 
destined for Hezbollah at the end of January, and according to some 
reports, also a biological weapons research centre near Damascus, which 
"was reportedly flattened out of concern that it might fall into the 
hands of Islamist extremists fighting to topple the government of Syrian 
president Bashar Assad", according to Aaron Klein and Karl Vick writing 
in /Time/ magazine.

Indeed, after the latest bombings, Israel's leaders went on to stress 
that these attacks were not aimed at the Assad regime, still less to 
support the armed opposition, as will be discussed further below.

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/3344

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